Soap Bars & Handmade Soap

Pampering your skin

Soap bars are considered more sustainable than liquid soap as the packaging materials can be recycled or are biodegradable.

Specailized ingredients can be added to soap bars for different skin types, body areas, or specific skin conditions. Exfoliating ingredients can also be added to soap bars to enhance daily bath routine.

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Our Quality Control Process

Quality Alignment

Before going into production, we will send product samples for you to comment and confirm so that the requirements can be fulfilled and the quality standard can be set for quality assurance purpose.

Multiple Inspections

Our quality control team will be inspecting the product quality across multiple checkpoints during production to ensure the end products will meet the quality standard.

Test for Logistics

To ensure your products will arrive with none to minimal wear and tear caused by transits, our team will simulate extreme transit conditions for possible logistical improvement.

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